Pilates Zentrum Starnberg Online

Go online with us! I am convinced that especially now, in these very challenging times, physical exercise is a crucial contribution to mental stability. This is why I offer my clients the opportunity to access Pilates training wherever they are, and thereby consolidating relaxation and well-being.

The internet gives us perfect opportunities to stay "together" in motion. You are out of town or cannot take part in the training in the studio for other reasons? Use our online offer, from online videos to individual lessons via streaming.


Basic course

46 minutes Pilates-Training in English


Special Courses

26 minutes training with the Pilates foam roller (in German)


25 minutes training abdomen-intensive (German)


30 minutes relaxation and mobilisation neck, spine & hip (German)


26 minutes pilates with the Toning Balls (in German)


26 minutes pilates with the Theraband (in German)



26 minutes Pilates-Ballet workout (in German)