Total Barre™


TOTAL BARRE™ is a Pilates-Ballet-Workout integrating elements of Pilates, dance and cardio&strength training. The flowing movements of dance are combined with the correct biomechanic principles of the Pilates Method. TOTAL BARRE™ is suitable to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability and to improve body shape and posture.


What is the difference between TOTAL BARRE™ and "CLASSICAL" Pilates training?

In a TOTAL BARRE™ Workout sets of exercises at the barre alternate with exercises on the mat. The focus is on building up strength as well as working on cardio fitness. Intensive stretching exercises also improve flexibility. The Pilates principles of the correct placement of the pelvis, the engagement of the pelvic floor muscles and the lengthening of the spine are followed throughout the training.

Everybody who likes to workout will love Total Barre™!


Why TOTAL BARRE™ at Pilates Zentrum Starnberg?

TOTAL BARRE™ has been developed by STOTT PILATES®, and is a development of the passion for dance workouts that has increased recently all over the world. STOTT PILATES® is the worldwide recognised institution for Pilates Instructor Training.

Dance has always been a very important part of my life and for more than twenty years I have worked as a registered Dance Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance (London). TOTAL BARRE™ is particularly fascinating for me since it combines my two professional passions - my love for classical dance and my fascination for the Pilates method.

For Total Barre™ no dance experience is required!