Profile - Katrin Crossley

Movement and dance have always been of vital importance in my life.

I am a qualified teacher of classical dance and a fully qualified Pilates instructor. With years of experience in teaching, I provide for you a professionally sound introduction to the training method of Josef H. Pilates.  

I studied education at Augsburg University and ballet teacher training at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Since 1995 I have worked  at various ballet schools around Munich, currently I am employed in Starnberg.

After several years of collaboration with leading American Pilates teachers – among them Eric Hubert from Los Angeles – I obtained my qualification as a Pilates instructor.
In addition I am qualified through the Stott Certification Centre in Munich to act as an instructor specialising in the use of the Pilates Reformer.

For years I have led Pilates courses in Munich and Starnberg. I am a member of the German Pilates Federation, and I regularly update my qualification as a Stott Pilates instructor.

In 2004 I opened Pilates Zentrum Starnberg.

"Physical fitness is the way to happiness." J.H. Pilates