Pilates Classic

What is classical pilates?

Pilates is a complete method of training for mind and body. It produces improved balance and mobility, improving posture, coordination and stamina. Careful breathing control and high levels of concentration lead to a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Basic principles of classical pilates

• smooth, controlled movements
• balance between strength and flexibility, between tension and relaxation
• core stability
• controlled breathing

Who does classical pilates?

• Pilates is recommended for people of all ages and all shapes
• Anybody who needs to counterbalance the strains of their daily life, work or sporting activities.
• Pilates is an excellent completion to sporting activities and leads to an increase in perfomance in many sports like Golf, spacerTennis, Rowing and Climbing. Many professional sporting organisations employ professional Pilates Instructors as an spacer integral part of their training programmes.
• Pilates is a great method to regain strength and shape after the birth of a baby.
• After injuries or an illness Pilates is a wonderful rehab method (see REHAB PILATES).

What benefits does pilates bring?

• Strengthening of the deep-seated spinal musculature
• Flexibility of joints and the spine
• Reduction in back pain and muscle relaxation
• Shaping of stomach and waist
• Improved posture
• Encourages more elegant movements and self-awareness
• Mental relaxation through controlled breathing and self-control

"After 10 hours you feel better, after 20 hours you look better, after 30 hours you have a new body" J.H. Pilates

Pilates as a rehab method and for people
with health issues

Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt, Pilates Master Teachers from the USA, have worked for many years teaching the Pilates method around the world.
They have collaborated with a wide range of physiotherapists to integrate
the Pilates method into patient-based programmes. They have developed several programmes of modified Pilates exercises for clients with health issues such as Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia or joint replacements.

I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to join trainings and workshops with Michael and Ton and to learn from them.

This enables me to offer clients suffering from Osteoporosis; Fibromyalgia; after knee or hip replacements; and with other health issues a professional and safe training.

At the outset of training, the individual's needs are discussed, existing injuries or pain identified, and specific targets established. I will then individually tailor a programme of appropriate training.

The careful strengthening of the entire musculature and the improvement of flexibility are the main targets. But to me the motivation of my clients to move and enjoy exercising despite their health issues and developing self confidence and trust in their own body is as important as the physical side of the training.

The psychological side of illnesses like Osteoporosis and Fibromylgia or after a big operation replacing a knee- or hip joint, should not be underestimated. Since I had to have a knee replacement a couple of years ago I am familiar with the effect of such a big operation on the whole person and about the sometimes difficult phases during rehab.

I am concerned to help my clients to get the maximum benefit out of Pilates and to help regain the best possible joy in life.

"Physical fitness is the way to happiness." J.H. Pilates

Total Barre™


TOTAL BARRE™ is a Pilates-Ballet-Workout integrating elements of Pilates, dance and cardio&strength training.

The flowing movements of dance are combined with the correct biomechanic principles of the Pilates Method.

TOTAL BARRE™ is suitable to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability and to improve body shape and posture.

What is the difference between TOTAL BARRE™ and "CLASSICAL" pilates training?

In a TOTAL BARRE™ Workout sets of exercises at the barre alternate with exercises on the mat. The focus is on building up strength as well as working on cardio fitness. Intensive stretching exercises also improve flexibility.

The Pilates principles of the correct placement of the pelvis, the engagement of the pelvic floor muscles and the lengthening of the spine are followed throughout the training.

Everybody who likes to workout will love Total Barre™!


TOTAL BARRE™ has been developed by STOTT PILATES®, by whome I was trained, and is a consequence of the passion for dance workouts that has increased recently all over the world. STOTT PILATES® is the worldwide recognised institution for Pilates Instructor Training.

Dance has always been a very important part of my life and for more than twenty years I have worked as a registered Dance Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance (London). TOTAL BARRE™ is particularly fascinating for me since it combines my two professional focuses - my love for classical dance and my fascination for the Pilates method.



Personal training – "One To One"

Individual sessions are provided on an hourly basis, primarily using the classic Pilates equipment – the Reformer. This equipment provides a unique method for developing flexibility and strength for the whole body.

Individual sessions must be booked in advance.

Group sessions

"Small groups – big successes"
Classic Pilates training using hand –held apparatus on the mat.
• Pilates for all age groups
• Pilates for mothers, post-pregnancy
• Pilates for recovery from illness or injury

Group courses normally run for 10 – 12 weeks.
My groups are always of a limited size, in order to guarantee my clients a consistently
small group size.
Information about availability of places and times of courses can be obtained
on 08151 – 44 72 44

Prices - personal training

1  Person  
per hour 70,00 €
on booking of 10 hours 66,00 €

2 Persons  
per hour 45,00 €
on booking of 10 hours 42,00 €
(declaration per person)  

Prices - group sessions

booking a course  
per lesson 20,00 €
(course fee due at the beginning of the term)

single lesson group training  
per lesson 20,00 €
(only possible if there is one course booked)

Important information

At the Starnberg Pilates Centre, instruction is provided in small, well-matched groups of up to 7 people. This is in order to provide the best levels of personal supervision and correct anatomical development.

"Don't just talk about your health – do something about it." J.H. Pilates


After training as a teacher of dance and as a Pilates instructor, and with years of experience in teaching, I am able to provide for you a professionally sound introduction to the training of JHP.
Movement and dance have always been of vital importance in my life.

I studied education at Augsburg University and followed this with an intensive teaching course in ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. For many years I have taught ballet at the Starnberg Ballet School.

After several years of collaboration with leading American Pilates teachers – among them Eric Hubert from Los Angeles – I obtained my qualification as a Pilates instructor.
In addition I am qualified through the Stott Certification Centre in Munich to act as an instructor specialising in the use of the Pilates Reformer.

For years I have led Pilates courses in Munich and Starnberg. I am a member of the German Pilates Federation, of the German Tanzmedizin Council, and I regularly update my qualification as a Stott Pilates instructor.

New courses in April 2017

"Physical fitness is the way to happiness." J.H. Pilates